About Key Dies, Inc


In 1988, a new enterprise was incorporated under the name Key Dies Inc. Started with just three employees, they began making all the dies using hand cut jig saws and hand bending all the rule. Those first employees are still with the company, managing and directing the daily production of dies and tooling.

Core Values & Mission Statement

Key Dies, Inc. exists to provide exceptional service and quality to its clients, contribute as a decent and reputable member of our community and give its staff the best opportunity to grow and flourish as employees.

Facilities & Equipment

Key Dies is located on 10 acres in the heart of central Pennsylvania. Our 24,000 square foot building is conveniently located near several main routes just outside of Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania.

Green Initiatives

Key Dies, Inc. understands the environmental concerns of our day and is proudly committed to being a good steward over the natural resources we have been given.

Awards and Honors

Proudly yet humbly, Key Dies has been recognized by its vendors for our exceptional and consistent quality, service and hard work.

Steel Rule Die Basics

Steel rule die cutting is a popular and inexpensive method used for trimming parts. Dies are made from pre-hardened and pre-sharpened steel, which is placed in a base in order to keep its form.


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