Steel Rule Dies for Packaging: Plastics, Foam and Corrugated

Packaging is a broad term for steel rule die technology and involves several material types and end products. Our cutting dies are used in the production of plastics such as clamshells, blisters, and trays for use in many markets. For additional information on steel rule dies and related tooling for your plastic packaging, see Thermoforming page.

Packaging also involves foam materials used as inserts. Steel rule dies can be made using serrated knife in a variety of thickness and serrated profiles. Key Dies can make cutting dies for just about any machine type and application.

Finally, steel rule dies made at Key Dies are used in the die cutting of paperboard and corrugated packaging. Retail displays and retail packaging requires a lot of knowledge and expertise and Key Dies offers both. Our flat-bed steel rule dies can be used to convert rolls and sheets to finished parts. See the Printing and Graphic Finishing page for more specifics related to this industry.

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