Steel Rule Dies for Specialty Applications

One thing about steel rule cutting dies is sure - they are versatile and can be used across a broad spectrum of manufacturing environments and applications. Key Dies serves many types of industries giving us a broad base of knowledge and experience to offer.

Key Dies provides steel rule dies to companies that work with a broad range of materials such as plastics, paperboard, leather and fabric. Our cutting dies are used in bench-top die cutters, large presses with hundreds of tons of pressure, automatic-feed presses, and many types and sizes in between. From large companies producing millions of finished die-cut parts to small companies doing small custom orders, our steel rule dies are found in nearly any size company.

If you are new to steel rule die technology, please feel free to see our page on Steel Rule Die Basics or browse through the Industries We Serve to get an idea of the diverse applications for steel rule die technology.

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