Steel Rule Dies for EMI, Acoustical & RF Shielding

Acoustical barriers and shielding components can require high tolerances and critical features—and Key Dies delivers. Our steel rule dies are made to your most stringent demands on time.

Key Dies, Inc. manufactures steel rule dies that are used to cut RF (radio frequency) and EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding and acoustical components such as foam barriers, insulation barriers, sound dampening gaskets, and heat shields. For complex finished parts, we engineer progressive cutting dies that reduce waste and set up time and help to make your run times more efficient. Other features we can include are custom punches, retractable registration pins and high tolerances to +/- .005". Give us a call today!

  • Radio-frequency shields
  • Electronic shields and components
  • Acoustical shields
  • Foam and insulation barriers
  • Heat shields
  • Anodes/cathodes for batteries
  • Progressive dies


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