Facilities & Equipment


Key Dies is located on 10 acres in the heart of central Pennsylvania. Our 24,000 square foot building, conveniently located near several main routes just outside Harrisburg, is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. As part of our commitment to on-time service, Key Dies has a backup generator. In the event of any power outages, we have backup electric power to run most of our operation at full capacity.


Key Dies, Inc. provides great service to our clients because we have remained committed to keeping up with advanced technologies.

  • (2) 2,500 watt laser systems, 60" x 96" bed size.
  • Water Jet System, 55,000 psi, 61" x 120" bed size, system allows for the use of abrasives for cutting steel, stainless or aluminum and straight water—no abrasive—for cutting softer materials.
  • (5) Automatic rule-benders—automatically bend 2" x 4pt. from coil stock, 3" x 4pt. from stick lengths and 2" x 6pt. from stick lengths. We can knick, bridge and make perfs in-line while complex bending of cutting profiles is accomplished.
  • Delta plotter/sample-cutting table equipped with photo registration optics, 63" x 51" bed size.
  • Delta routing/cutting table, 65" x 51" bed size.
  • Elcede CAD plotter/cutting table.
  • DigiPak—Digital Linear Device for measuring and maintaining tight tolerances on critical dies.
  • Vertical mill.
  • MIG/TIG welding.
  • 7 CAD workstations.
  • Cimex CAD software—we can accept most of the many common file types.
  • Delivery fleet includes box truck for larger local deliveries.


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