Steel Rule Dies for Thermoforming

Thermo formers require competence and accuracy and Key Dies delivers. Our steel rule die technology is the best choice for your thermo forming operation.

Whether for off-line cutting applications as well as trim-in-line and trim-in-place, Key Dies has all the resources in house to make your entire steel rule die tooling package: including floating dies, striker plates, anvils and buildups, and stacker units. We make dies in stainless steel, mild steel, solid core composite, wood and aluminum in fixed dies, multi-level and float applications.

Other tools and services we offer include die retainers, drape or plug-assist boards, locators and ejector plates cut with a CNC-router, gussets, joint welds, cleat welds, backers and cutting plates. Whatever specific features you need in your tooling we can handle.

Steel rule dies can be accurately made for cut in place applications. Individual cavities are bent and welded to your specifications and, because of our advanced die making techniques, each steel rule die cavity is extremely flat and always within tolerance. Cut in place cavities can also be done with common cuts and can be used to replace forged dies.

Our customers know there is an advantage over forged dies in terms of technology, tolerance, cost, turn time and superior edge quality. Steel rule dies virtually eliminate "angel hair", reduce setup times and offer better heat transfer. If a single forged cavity is damaged, the entire set of forged cavities must be sent out for sharpening; however, a damaged steel rule cavity is the only one to be replaced. Steel rule cavities are pre-bent to the same file and can be replaced in minutes.

Key Dies service and quality will keep your cutting department on schedule, reduce set-up times and allow for more efficient production runs. If you have any questions, give us a call today!


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